Zippered Vinyl Pillow Covers


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  • Soft and durable
  • Zippered covers surround entire pillow
  • Retard against mildew and mold
  • Protect from stains
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Sold in pairs

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Zippered Vinyl Pillow Covers

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Standard Zippered Vinyl Pillow Covers (Pair) - Standard Size
Heavy Duty Zippered Vinyl Pillow Covers (Pair) - Standard Size
Standard Zippered Vinyl Pillow Covers (Pair) - Queen Size
Standard Zippered Vinyl Pillow Covers (Pair) - King Size

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These 3 and 6 gauge durable, zippered vinyl pillow covers fully encase your pillow with waterproof protection. Also protect against allergens and dust mites. Fully waterproof, so you never have to worry about spills or stains.

These pillow covers are an inexpensive way to decrease allergens in pillows, while protecting from moisture.

Waterproof   Reduces Allergens   Bed Bug Proof


Zippered vinyl pillow covers are an inexpensive way to decrease allergens in pillows, while protecting from moisture. For extra durability, order the new Heavy Duty pillow covers.

Name Zippered Vinyl Pillow Covers


Standard - 20 x 26 in

Queen - 20 x 30 in

King - 20 x 36 in

Note: All vinyl emits a petroleum gas that may be an allergen to those who are hyper allergic. The petroleum gas is necessary for vinyl to be pliable.

Warranty Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
Manufacturer Dry Defender
Manufacturer Item Code DD1009, DD1007, DD9010P, DD1006
Color White
Fit Zippered
Style Reusable
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Average rating 4.4
  • based on 50 reviews
  • 5 stars, works as advertised
    By pine burr from Mississippi on 2014-08-05
    Pros: Very Easy To Put On, Easy To Clean, Comfortable
    Cons: None
    Best Uses: Protection For Cushions
    I use them on egg crate pillows for sitting on and they have been great. Very good protection for the egg crate in case of accidents.

  • 4 stars, 6 Gauge
    By Plugh from West Lake Hills, TX on 2014-07-31
    Pros: Conforming, Comfortable
    This heavy duty zippered plastic cover starts out pliable and quiet. After a year or so it will start to come apart and become less pliable. It will then become a bit noisy. Time to get another one then. It will have lasted a good bit longer than other brands. It provides good protection for pillows, especially for people who have nosebleeds.

  • 4 stars, Works fine
    By Happy Consumer from GSO, NC on 2014-06-24
    Pros: Easy To Clean
    Good product

  • 5 stars, Great product!
    By Pumpkin from Cleveland, Ohio on 2014-05-17
    Pros: Comfortable, Easy To Clean
    Bought these pillow protectors mainly to take on vacation for hotel pillow use, but tried one at home and it was very useful and effective. I am satisfied with product and find no fault with it. It does protect pillow from stains!

  • 5 stars, Excellent Product - durable
    By Mitchdsm from Des Moines, IA on 2014-04-14
    Pros: Easy To Clean, Durable And Should Last
    We use these in a medical clinic over pillows - they need to be cleaned after each patient. These seem to stand up very well.

  • 5 stars, Vinyl pillow covers
    By Jan the gardener from Rochester, New York on 2014-03-25
    Pros: Sturdy, Protective, Easy To Clean
    I liked the product, it was a good value for the money

  • 5 stars, Very pleased
    By Fam from NC on 2014-03-17
    Pros: Easy To Clean, Comfortable
    I recently bought the zippered vinyl pillow covers to help with allergies. I have found them to be comfortable and have not noticed a noisy plastic sound.

  • 5 stars, Great product!
    By Chinmom from Dallas, GA on 2014-02-28
    Pros: Easy To Clean, Quality Zipper, Durable material
    Best Uses: Protects pillow
    This pillow case cover is made of a very durable material, is sized to insert the pillow easily, and has a very good quality zipper. I am actually using these covers on pillows that I use for dog beds, with fabric pillow cases over them. They are sturdy enough that the dogs can scratch on the fabric case, to "fluff" the pillow, and not tear the cover underneath. These covers really work to keep the pillows clean and dry, and sturdy enough to hold up under rough treatment.

  • 4 stars, Fulfills Item description
    By sweaty from Los Angeles, CA on 2014-02-13
    Pros: Easy To Clean, Keeps Shape, Supportive, Comfortable
    Best Uses: Sleeping

  • 5 stars, Working Well!
    By Suzanne from MA on 2014-02-04
    Pros: Easy To Clean
    I purchased these in bulk for 2 physical therapy offices. The quality is what I expected, and the price was better than what I could find in the stores. Happy with the covers so far!

  • 5 stars, Good Product
    By Shay from Houston, TX on 2013-12-26
    Pros: Comfortable, Supportive, Easy To Clean

  • 1 stars, already ripped only had them 2 wks
    By pt from antioch , tn on 2013-12-12
    Pros: There Are No Pros
    Cons: Rips easily
    Best Uses: Protector
    This product has been a disappointment

  • 4 stars, great fit
    By sly stoney from houston on 2013-11-22
    Pros: Easy To Clean, Comfortable
    Best Uses: Cushioning

  • 5 stars, HAPPY TO FIND THESE
    By BENROTH from PANAMA CITY, FL on 2013-10-31
    Pros: Keeps Shape, Conforming, Fits Easily, Easy To Clean
    Best Uses: Protects pillows

  • 5 stars, i would buy this item again
    By luvrubberpants from western new york on 2013-10-25
    Pros: Easy To Clean, Keeps Shape, Comfortable
    Best Uses: Sleeping
    perfect for my nightime wetting service was great and shipping was good too

  • 5 stars, great product and great service
    By luvrubberpants from up state ny on 2013-10-10
    Pros: Easy To Clean, Comfortable, Keeps Shape, Conforming
    Best Uses: Sleeping
    I'm a bedwetter so this is a great cover. can not get these in a store.

  • 4 stars, Pillow protection
    By Annie from Batavia, IL on 2013-10-08
    Pros: Easy To Clean
    Cons: Last A Few Years
    Best Uses: Protect Pillow
    Cover and protect pillow

  • 5 stars, Great product
    By Cathleen from Joliet, IL on 2013-09-20
    Pros: Attractive Design, Easy To Clean, Comfortable
    Best Uses: Sleeping
    These pillow covers are great. They are easy to clean and keep your pillows from staining. I wish I would have thought to buy these covers a long time ago. Would have saved me from washing and buying new pillows as often as I had to. They are good quality, not thin. If you are thinking about buying them you will not be disappointed.

  • 5 stars, works great
    By bmas1960 from metairie,la on 2013-09-08
    Pros: Easy To Clean
    its great for protecting pillows from liquids

  • 5 stars, Great for pets too!
    By Elle from Thousand Oaks, CA on 2013-08-28
    Pros: Keeps Shape, Supportive, Easy To Clean
    Best Uses: Extra Support
    Keeps pillow sanitary and supportive. Recently our dog had surgery and the doctor wanted him on a pillow for the next 3 - 6 months, as a result sometimes he would have accidents. With out this protective vinyl pillow cover his playpen would be a bedroom for disease and infection (p.s. we did put another pillow cover over the plastic one).

  • 4 stars, does the trick
    By MamaMia1967 from Quincy,MA on 2013-06-18
    Pros: Comfortable, Easy To Clean
    Best Uses: Prevent Dust Mite Contact
    Discription did not say there were two per package. I purchased too many. Does the job

  • 5 stars, Perfect for Dog Bed Pillows
    By Sharon from Satellite Beach, FL on 2013-06-13
    Pros: Easy To Clean
    Perfect for Dog Beds when used with a standard pillow and a regular pillow case.

  • 5 stars, Heavy duty 6 gauge pillow covers
    By EdT from Doylestown, PA on 2013-06-12
    Pros: Conforming, Comfortable, Easy To Clean, Well Made
    Best Uses: Sleeping
    I use these 6 gauge pillow covers to protect my pillows from sweat and oils. Now just the cloth pillow cover and pillow cases get smelly. They do exactly what I expected. Well made. Well worth the price and shipping.

  • 5 stars, Great product which was hard to find!
    By Dog lover from Oregon on 2013-06-10
    Pros: Easy To Clean
    I ordered these to cover my dog's pillows. They prodtect the pillows from accidents and the thickness protects against claws. Very hard to find this level of thickness in vinyl pillowcase covers! I ordered a few extra!

  • 5 stars, Great Quality for the price!
    By Sandy C. from Mt. Pleasant, SC on 2013-05-31
    Pros: Easy To Clean, Sanitary, Tough Vinyl
    Cons: No Cons To Be Found
    Best Uses: Protection And Sanitation
    I bought these to use in a healthcare facility as an extra protection for our pillows. The vinyl is of good quality and does the job well. It is easily wiped clean between patients. Good product for the price!

  • 5 stars, GREAT PRODUCT
    By JV from Delray Beach, Fl on 2013-05-31
    Pros: Easy To Clean
    Cons: No cons
    Best Uses: Sleeping
    My husband is handicapped and incontinent and at times his pillows used to get wet. Now, with these pillow protectors, I just have to change the pillow case - take a spray bottle of whatever disinfectant I have on hand and wipe these pillow covers clean. I no longer have to wash the entire pillow. They are a great help to me and a time saver. They are also comfortable to sleep on.

  • 2 stars, Noisy, Slides Around
    By Dave from Advance, NC on 2013-05-28
    Pros: Easy To Clean, Attractive Design, Protects Pillow
    Cons: Slides Around, Noisy
    Best Uses: Sleeping
    I bought this product to protect a Chillow cooling pillow. It does the job well but the cover is noisy and slides around against the sheet.

  • 5 stars, Good Quality
    By Sharon from Satellite Beach, FL on 2013-05-24
    Pros: Easy To Clean
    Perfect for dog pillow cover

  • 5 stars, top quality
    By PT from Hemet, CA on 2013-05-01
    Pros: Attractive Design
    Best Uses: Extra Support
    We used this product in a Physical Therapy office to protect our pillows. Very good quality, great texture for vinyl. Very well made.

  • 1 stars, Zipper pulls apart from cover
    By Dani from Eagle, ID on 2013-04-09
    Pros: Attractive Design, Easy To Clean
    This product is used in a physical therapy office where pillow sheets are put on and taken off several times throughout the day. The only problem we have is that the zipper seems to pull apart from the cover very easily.

  • 5 stars, Just Awesome!
    By Fudge bird from Dallas Texas on 2013-04-06
    Pros: Easy To Clean, Attractive Design, Pillow Case, Vinyl, Comfortable
    Best Uses: Easy To Clean, Durable
    I bought these to use at my medical facility. I have found them tough, durable, and easy to clean. They hold up to my constant cleaning with medical grade cleaners. I had looked at all my local retailers before finding your site and this product. I will buy them again as the need arises. PLEASE don't stop carrying this product! I will look for other products too as I need them.

  • 5 stars, Excellent product!
    By Twinkle from New York, NY on 2013-01-30
    Pros: Comfortable, Easy To Clean, Attractive Design
    Very sturdy pillow ticks; gerat buy.

  • 5 stars, like it very much
    By none from michigan on 2013-01-24
    Pros: Easy To Clean, Attractive Design, Very good quality, Comfortable
    Best Uses: Protection
    cover for pillow

  • 5 stars, durable and worth the money
    By sue blue from central valley ca on 2013-01-03
    Pros: Easy To Clean, Keeps Shape
    have been buying these for years, they hold up for continuous washings quite well and for the price, the product is well worth it.

  • 5 stars, A Travel Necessity
    By Jessie from Philadelphia, PA. on 2012-07-02
    Pros: Quiet, Folds flat for storage, Blocks bacteria and bugs, Completely waterproof
    Best Uses: For visitors to the home, Sickrooms, Under a pillowcase, For travel anywhere
    These pillow covers are a must for sanitary protection of the pillow from stains and liquid spills. It wipes clean with soap and water and towel dries fast. It prevents the spread of germs when more than one person has to use a pillow such as in a hotel or in transit. I never leave home without one and use them when guests are sleeping over.

  • 5 stars, Very good product!
    By Doc from Chapel Hill, NC on 2012-06-08
    Cons: none
    I have allergies and my doctor told me to but the pillow covers to help keep allergens away! John

  • 5 stars, Great cover
    By kk from CA on 2012-06-05
    Pros: Protects from moisture
    I am very happy to have bought these pillow covers. Now I don't have to wash the entire pillow after the child has an accident in bed (urine, vomit). Also, one of my children sweats a lot through his head, and his pillow would need to be washed frequently otherwise, if without a water proof cover. Thank you!

    By NA from PHOENIX, AZ. on 2012-05-28
    Cons: King Covers faulty

  • 3 stars, found at [@]
    By Mrs. C from Mansfield, TX on 2012-05-02
    Best Uses: Bedwetting child
    I haven't actually used it since I found the same thing, maybe not as thick, at [@] before I received these in the mail.

  • 5 stars, Great quality and fast shipping!
    By MEMMEL from Grand Rapids, MI on 2012-04-19
    Pros: Durable, Very Pleased, Quality
    We have covered all of the pillows in our home with these covers, due to allergies, and are very happy with the results.

  • 5 stars, Great Product!
    By vacation from Jacksonville, Florida on 2012-04-17
    The pillow covers fulfilled my needs. I am very satisfied.

  • 5 stars, Good product!
    By jwhlg from Washington, DC on 2012-04-12
    Pros: Easy to use, Durable
    When I first took them out of the packaging, I thought they were going to be flimsy. Once I put them to use, though, I realized that they are durable and can handle more-than-normal-everyday-use with no problem. There's a little bit of a plastic smell at first, but I just put my own cloth pillow cases over these, and that worked out great. The plastic smell went away after a few days anyway.

  • 2 stars, rips at the zipper seam
    By Office user from NH on 2011-07-22
    Pros: Material is durable
    Cons: Seam easily rips, Zipper on side
    Best Uses: Home
    Used in a office treatment setting where pillow cases are frequently changed, therefore, the seam on the vinyl pillowcase easily ripped when pulling it out to change the pillowcase.

  • 3 stars, pillows keep slipping out. what can I do
    By GrandmaNanna from Hempstead, NY on 2011-07-18
    I live in apt bldg. one person brings bed bugs then you have festation. with the encasements they can't get to me because they can't live in plastic or vinyl. THANKS

  • 5 stars, they were exactly what I wanted and need
    By vp from new york on 2011-06-23
    they are perfect and came very quickly

  • 5 stars, Great
    By me from austin tx on 2011-05-13
    Works just like it should

  • 2 stars, Cheap and cheerful, but not as expected
    By Chris the sleeper from Tampa, FL on 2011-04-25
    Pros: Waterproof cover
    Cons: Noisy - crinkly, Hot to sleep on
    Best Uses: Childrens Pillows
    Too 'waterproof'. Would have been better as a cotton case with waterproofed interior. As is, it is stiff and noisy, and really hot to sleep on.

  • 5 stars, glad to find this product available
    By dan from des plaines, il on 2011-04-07
    With the disappearance of this type of pillow protection from the local Bed/Bath, its nice to find them still available.

  • 5 stars, As advertised
    By ed from Maine on 2011-03-21
    Pros: Exactly what I wanted
    Cons: none
    Had looked for this product for some time. Reasonably priced and well made.

  • 5 stars, Best Vinyl Pillow Covers in the market!!
    By Peter from Niagara Falls, New York, USA. on 2010-09-22
    Pros: 100 Quality for real
    Cons: We don't find any
    Best Uses: For all my Pillows
    We own a very big house ( 6 bedrooms total ), so we hear all the time in the news about "bed bugs"!! even if we don't have any pets and not bed bugs at all in our House, we hear that the bed bugs can come to your house "in the guests clothes or in their suitcases"!!! and we have many friends to come to visit us once in a while, so for precautions we bought 2 examples: 1 King Size Pair Vinyl Zippered Pillow Covers and 1 King Size Mattress Zippered Vinyl Cover to see how they look like and fit and Let me tell you this, these Vinyl Covers are not only one of the best in the market, not, they are The Best of the Best, for real!! Now we plan to buy more for all our bedrooms.


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Standard - 20 x 26 in

Queen - 20 x 30 in

King - 20 x 36 in

Note: All vinyl emits a petroleum gas that may be an allergen to those who are hyper allergic. The petroleum gas is necessary for vinyl to be pliable.

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